Work we provide

Strength calculations

CAD Projekt performs strength calculations of bearing constructions based on the architectural design submitted by the client. We take into account the client’s wish in regard to the material of the bearing constructions (lumber, laminated timber, crossband timber, etc.). We calculate the vertical loads (net weight, usage load and snow load) and the horizontal loads (wind, earthquake). Calculations are performed according to the standards and regulations of the target country. We use different free software and licensed software. Upon the end of work we carry out the check-up of the work and submit a brief summary of the strength calculations performed.

Designing of element and module houses

We offer our clients the service of designing buildings and constructions. The most wide-spread types of a wooden houses manufactured are the element and module houses. The advantage of such houses is the dry and monitored environment in the plant, which guarantees a better and high quality final product. Modules consist of elements, which form a closed spatial entity. After manufacturing the elements or modules, they are transported to the construction site and are assembled.

Taking into account the client’s preliminary design, we start drawing the plans, cross-sections and nodes of the house in conformity with the rules and standards of the target country. When all the required information is available, we model the entire building in the 3D program. For that we use computer software called hsbcad. After the 3D model is ready, we issue the required production drawings from the program or deliver machine-readable work files to the house plant.

Building-engineering counselling

We offer the enterprise engineering-technological counselling in order to find the best engineering solution in conformity with the technical requirements of the preparatory phase of the design.

CAD Projekt OÜ

CAD Projekt OÜ was founded in 2017 and our main aim is to contribute to quality and people.  The main clients of the enterprise are the house plants manufacturing wooden houses in Estonia. Due to that we focus on sub-contracting and the provision of professional designing service. In addition we provide strength calculations of the bearing structures for different buildings and constructions.

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